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About Us

Cuffs & Sashes is 
Affordable Versatility

Who: Designed by Chana Kaleky

Where: Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

What: Quality dresses and accessories at affordable prices

Why: I have been sewing and designing for years. What I wanted was an easy dress to run out of house and still feel good, which was too hard to find in stores for me. I therefore designed some comfortable dresses with matching accessories and my friends loved them. I use a special type of fabric called Sleek Knit™ which is very light and easy to care. 

We have ALL been through the situation I describe below, and with the encouragement of friends and my husband Cuffs & Sashes was launched in Sept 2017.

Who has  gone through this routine? 


Standing in your closet, figuring
out what will work or feel good today, trying on, going back, etc.?

Do This Instead.

Grab a Cuffs & Sashes Dress

Choice 1 - Run out the house, in comfort and style, as is.

Choice 2 - Enhance your dress in 12 different ways, for your feel or occasion.

Choice 3 -  Create a mid day dress change!


Quality: Made in USA

Comfort: Our Sleek Knit fabric is
light, soft, durable and easy to care for.


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